Lucky Minerals Inc. has received approval from Montana’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to conduct drilling exploration on its wholly owned Julian claim block located within the company’s Emigrant Creek project in Montana.

“This is an important step forward for the Emigrant Creek project,” stated Robert Rosner, newly appointed chief executive officer of Lucky Minerals. “It’s an opportunity to prove the value of our project to the surrounding communities and our worth as a community partner, as well as a good steward of Montana’s natural resources.”

Montana DEQ released a final environmental assessment (EA) and approved an exploration licence on July 26, 2017, for the company’s proposed mineral exploration project 12 miles southeast of Emigrant in a historical mining district. The EA analyzed potential environmental impacts from exploration activity on the company’s patented mining claims in the Absaroka Mountains.

In DEQ correspondence regarding the matter of exploration at Emigrant Creek, the department stated, “DEQ has applied the significance criteria set forth in the Administrative Rules of Montana in determining the significance of impacts on the human environment.”

Lucky Minerals has proposed to obtain core samples from up to 46 drill holes located on 23 drill pads. The proposed drill pads would be located within the existing road network on the St. Julian claim block.

The project received a robust analysis that included an extended 80-day scoping period to identify issues of concern to the public. The environmental assessment includes an in-depth analysis of potential impacts to wildlife, soils, vegetation, cultural and historical properties, water quality, geothermal impacts, transportation, socio-economics, noise, and other impacts to land use and recreation, including cumulative impacts.

DEQ director Tom Livers stated: “We took a hard look at the comments received and the issues identified. Ultimately, the company (Lucky Minerals) has agreed to mitigations beyond what is required in statute.”

These mitigations include water quality and wildlife monitoring plans and an alternative access route around the Chico Hot Springs Resort. Additionally, DEQ added analysis of socio-economic impacts and expanded the noise, wildlife and visual analysis.

This approval marks a significant turning point in the company’s continuing development of the Emigrant Creek project of what could very well be a world-class size porphyry deposit that could exceed one billion tonnes.

About Lucky Minerals Inc.

Lucky Minerals’ Emigrant Creek project is focused on the exploration and development of several targets located in the core of the mineralized and intensely altered Emigrant mining district in south-central Montana.